Spill Preparedness Resources

Oil Spill Response Organizations

In the unlikely event of an oil spill, it is critical that industry members can rapidly deploy the right resources and tools, scaling as necessary to meet the specific conditions of the spill environment.

Industry maintains relationships and agreements with highly trained spill response groups, which have the ability to deploy regionally or globally within 24 hours. These groups, often funded by industry members, include subject matter expertise and specialized response tools to support operators in the case of spills.

Oil spill response groups exist in varying capacities worldwide, and include Oil Spill Response Limited, the Marine Spill Response Corporation, Alaska Clean Seas, and the Spill Control Association of America.

Joint Industry Task Forces

Oil companies worldwide participate in joint industry efforts to promote safe, responsible, and sustainable operations through the sharing of best practices, standards, and lessons learned.

Following the Deepwater Horizon incident, four Joint Industry Task Forces (JITFs) convened, assembling the foremost experts to critically assess our capabilities and performance in four key areas:

  1. Offshore Operating Procedures
  2. Offshore Equipment
  3. Subsea Well Control & Containment
  4. Oil Spill Preparedness & Response

Each JITF sought to identify best practices – things one company might be doing a bit better than others - then share that knowledge across the industry. The goal is to broadly enhance safety and ensure environmental protection.

The task forces convened the foremost subject matter experts to identify best practices in offshore drilling operations and oil spill response, with the definitive aim of enhancing safety and ensuring environmental protection.

The JITF on Oil Spill Preparedness and Response framed out a comprehensive program to address the major areas of spill preparedness, response and restoration. This ambitious program consists of 7 major work streams and is comprised of 25 distinct projects.